Safeguard your important files with strong encryption.

Your Encrypted Cloud

Add end-to-end encryption to your Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV Server, and AWS S3.

Standard Privacy

Files you upload via FileSafe cannot be read by anyone but you. Not even Dropbox or Google.


Because your files are encrypted and authenticated, they cannot be modified by unwanted parties.

Unlimited files

FileSafe integrates directly with your cloud provider, and enstates no limitations of its own on total capacity.

Available as part of Standard Notes Extended.

As low as


Graph describing how FileSafe works
Using the FileSafe extension in Standard Notes, drag and drop a file to the FileSafe area.
FileSafe will then encrypt the file client-side with AES-256 encryption.
FileSafe will then communicate your encrypted file with a relay server which will communicate your cloud provider (i.e Dropbox or Google Drive).
Your file is now successfully uploaded to your cloud in encrypted form. When you download the file using FileSafe, it will be decrypted client-side, then download to your disk.

Get started with bringing total privacy to your files.