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How can I change my account email?

Sync Account vs Extended account

There are two types of accounts for Standard Notes: the Sync account and the Extended account.

The Sync account is the account created by registering with any of the Standard Notes applications, including the web app at app.standardnotes.org, the desktop app, and the mobile iOS and Android app. This account is used to store and sync your notes data across your devices.

The Extended account is the account created at the Member Dashboard after paying for an Extended subscription and is used to manage your subscription.

The emails associated with your Sync and Extended accounts may be different and are changed separately:

For your Standard Notes Sync account

Please follow the following steps to begin using a new email for your notes account:

  1. In your current account, choose Account, then Download Backup.
  2. Sign out of your account via Account > Sign out.
  3. Register for a new account under the new email you'd like to use.
  4. After you register, open the Account panel, then choose Import Backup.
  5. Select the backup file you created in the first step.

If the import process goes smoothly, you can then delete your old account using the reset tool.

For your paid Standard Notes Extended account

  1. Sign in to your Extended dashboard by entering your current email in the right-hand column and pressing enter. You will receive a login link in your inbox.
  2. Upon accessing your dashboard, select the option called "Change Email" located just under your current email address at the top of the dashboard.

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