Looking for an encrypted Evernote alternative?

Evernote recently made controversial changes to their privacy policy that allows employees to read user notes.

Evernote, an expansive venture-capital backed company, bizarrely and mistakenly believed that privacy was not important to their trusted users. Instead, users around the world were immediately appalled and erupted in anger, and Evernote promised to undo its wrong.

Privacy, to Evernote, is a pawn; a gear that can be tweaked to enhance other business functions, oftentimes at the expense of the user. For us, privacy is our bloodline and principle focus.

Standard Notes was built piece-by-piece to be a more respectful, private, and safe place for your notes. We hope you'll enjoy the ease and simplicity of use, and use this newfound freedom to do your best work.

Importing your notes from Evernote

You can use the converter on our tools page to convert your evernotes into standard notes.