What makes Standard Notes a great Google Keep alternative

In the world of digital note-taking, Google Keep and Standard Notes have emerged as popular choices.

  • However, if you're concerned about storing sensitive information in a Google-backed service, and worried your data might be mined for advertising and targeting purposes, Standard Notes stands out as a maximum privacy-preserving platform with a more compelling feature set than Google Keep.

Features Comparison Table

Google KeepStandard Notes
Employees can read your notes
Hackers can read your notes
Revenue ModelAdvertisingUser Funded
End-to-end encrypted
On-device encryption
Encryption in transit
Encryption at rest
Third-party security audited
Two-factor authentication
Source code is publicly viewable
Password Protection for Notes
App Lock (Passcode, Face ID, Fingerprint)
End-to-end encrypted file storage
Text Notes
Rich Text
Tasks & Todos
Nested Folders
Note Pinning & Archiving
Easy Data Import & Export
Custom Smart Views
Inline images
Bi-directional note linking
Plugin support
Daily email backups
Integrated Blogging Platform
Desktop application
Web application
iOS application
Android application
Web clipper

Detailed Comparison

  1. Security and Privacy: Standard Notes leads in security with end-to-end encryption, on-device encryption, and being third-party security audited. In contrast, Google Keep lacks these advanced security features, highlighting Standard Notes as the better choice for users concerned about data privacy.
  2. Revenue Model: Google Keep operates on an advertising-based model, while Standard Notes is user-funded. This distinction can be crucial for users who prefer a service not reliant on advertising, which often involves data collection.
  3. Encryption Strength: Both apps offer encryption in transit, but Standard Notes takes it a step further with encryption at rest and end-to-end encrypted file storage, ensuring superior data protection at all stages.
  4. Transparency and Trust: Standard Notes provides publicly viewable source code, affirming its commitment to transparency and trustworthiness. Google Keep's source code, on the other hand, is private and proprietary.
  5. Note Security Features: Both apps offer similar functionalities like text notes, rich text, tasks & todos, and note pinning & archiving. However, Standard Notes enhances note security with password protection, app lock options (Passcode, Face ID, Fingerprint), and end-to-end encrypted file storage.
  6. Functionality and Usability: Standard Notes supports markdown, nested folders, custom smart views, inline images, and bi-directional note linking, features absent in Google Keep. These functionalities offer more flexibility and control over note organization and presentation.
  7. Extended Features: Standard Notes stands out with unique features like plugin support, daily email backups, and an integrated blogging platform, providing a comprehensive note-taking ecosystem. These features are not available in Google Keep.
  8. Platform Availability: Both Google Keep and Standard Notes are available as web, iOS, and Android applications. However, Standard Notes also offers a desktop application, providing more versatility for users across different platforms.


Considering the comprehensive feature set, advanced security, and privacy-focused design, Standard Notes emerges as the superior choice over Google Keep, particularly for users who prioritize data security, transparency, and a rich array of functionalities in their digital note-taking experience.


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