I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

Standard Notes makes use of end-to-end encryption to encrypt your data on your device before it's sent to our servers. This means that we, or anyone else, cannot read the contents of your notes, nor do we know what your encryption key is. For this reason, password resets are simply not possible. In most cases, your only option is to delete your account by following the reset instructions, then start over in a new account.

However, if you're still signed into your account on any device it's still possible for you to export a decrypted backup of your data from that device. That way, you won't need to start from scratch on your new account.

For Desktop and Web:

  • Click on the Quick Settings menu icon in the bottom left corner. Select Open Preferences, then select Backups on the left hand side, and go to the Data Backups section. Select the Decrypted option, then click the Download Backup button. A download for a zip file should begin.
  • Extract the contents of the zip file, and look for a .txt file labeled, "Standard Notes Backup and Import File." This is the importable text file that you can import in a new account.

For Mobile:

  • From the notes list, tap on hamburger menu button located in the top left corner, then tap on the gear icon to open the Settings menu. Look for the Export Data section, tap on Decrypted, and then share or save the file accordingly.

Once you've exported a decrypted backup file, you can import it into a new account using the Standard Notes application.

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