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Is Standard Notes a good Evernote alternative?

Standard Notes makes an excellent secure Evernote alternative if you're looking for something easy to use and available on every platform. We are built on principles of simplicity, and make sure we don't add features needlessly. With that said, there are many things you'll find on Evernote that you won't find here.

Standard Notes comes out of the box with just a plain text editor, with no support for rich text, images, links, bullets, attachments, etc. While this may seem like madness on our end, providing a bare-bones notes app allows our product to be fast, reliable, and long-lasting. It allows us to focus on building a sustainable product that doesn't suffer from endless bloat and bugs.

However, for users who are looking for more power in their day-to-day experience, we've created Extended, which allows you to install powerful extensions to your Standard Notes experience. This includes rich text, Markdown, and code editors, as well as beautiful themes and handy actions.

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