Standard Notes and Proton are joining forces

April 10, 2024

When Standard Notes launched seven years ago, we wanted to create a place where you’re free to write like it’s nobody’s business. This freedom is incredibly rare on the internet today, and I’m proud that Standard Notes has become one of the few places online that allows people a safe haven to think freely.

Our goal with Standard Notes has always been to build a principled service that can endure. Which is why we’re excited to announce we’re joining forces with Proton, the Swiss organization behind the end-to-end encrypted email service Proton Mail (as well as Proton VPN, Proton Drive, and Proton Pass).

Proton is one of the few organizations that understands the challenges we face at Standard Notes. It’s also a self-sustaining, mission-driven organization that has rejected venture capital so it can focus on serving its community and protecting the privacy of people around the world. By combining forces, both the Proton and Standard Notes communities can ensure the internet of tomorrow has a place where you can be free to think and act without the worry that someone is looking over your shoulders.

What this means for the Standard Notes community

I agreed to join Proton because of how well-aligned we are in our goals and principles. This means you won’t see any major changes in the Standard Notes apps or organization. We will continue to work on designing and building the best note-taking app on the planet. In particular:

  • Standard Notes will continue to be open source
  • Standard Notes apps will continue to undergo independent audits
  • All current Standard Notes subscriptions (including 5-year plans) will continue to be honored and prices are staying the same
  • We will continue to develop new features and updates for Standard Notes

Standard Notes will continue to operate independently as a separate product while leveraging Proton’s resources and experience to improve reliability and resilience for the long run.

As an engineer who has worked on a privacy-focused product for seven years, I can tell you it’s not easy work. Technology advances, new threats crop up, operating systems change—the challenges are neverending. To protect your information, we have to constantly stay one step ahead.

In Proton, we’ve found a partner who shares our focus on protecting privacy. Its teams of engineers are world-class in delivering powerful, user-first technologies that incorporate end-to-end and zero-access encryption. This should help us deliver new features even faster (even though we’ll never lose our love for simple and straightforward product design). Proton also has a fully staffed support team that can provide dependable guidance to any Standard Notes user who gets lost or needs help.

Proton also builds and runs its own server infrastructure to ensure privacy, security, and high uptime. Joining Proton means Standard Notes gains access to cutting edge on-premise infrastructure along with a team of experts, allowing us to maintain the high standards we’ve set for our uptime and address any incidents swiftly.

We already submit our apps to regular third-party audits, but we can now collaborate with the Proton team to ensure even higher security standards.

Finally, as we’ve run Standard Notes these past seven years, we’ve noticed a considerable overlap between our community and Proton’s. We’re excited to find ways to integrate Standard Notes into the Proton ecosystem, expanding the freedom and possibility for everyone.

Building a future where privacy is the default

Partnering with Proton is a big announcement, but I feel like it’s actually a way for us to stay razor-focused on our goals. Our intention has always been to build a small, sustainable organization that helps protect your right to keep personal information private and preserve your freedom to think, speak, and act. Joining with Proton—one of the rare organizations that can (and is willing) to take a long-term approach—gives us the best opportunity to achieve this ambition.

We’re excited to join Proton on its mission to build a better internet where privacy is the default. Amidst the chaotic backdrop of big-tech surveillance and government overreach, our job is simple: give you the tools to think freely and fearlessly. I believe our best work lies ahead.

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