Nowhere to hide

December 7, 2023

Nowhere to hide

Before AI, many of us found comfort in large numbers—obscurity and privacy by blending into the crowd. Surveilling entities couldn’t practically sift through ALL of our data right? They’d have to be really picky about who to spy on.

This is no longer the case today. Basic GPT-like prompts can analyze data like never before. Spying at scale is no longer computationally infeasible or prohibitively expensive.

Your activity over the next year or so may not be particularly interesting. But if you’re an ambitious individual who may one day hope to build or say something that may go against prevailing trends, your trove of data becomes an easy way to extinguish your relevance and ascent.

Investing in your privacy is cancel insurance. It’s ransom insurance. It’s a policy that broadens the future range of your actions, and buys your future self freedom to be courageous.

If you ignored encryption before, you may have gotten by. The burden of cost however has now shifted to you. It is now prohibitively expensive for you to ignore encrypting your data. It is exceedingly unwise to not secure and protect your thoughts, searches, and data from the all-seeing eyes that closely inspect every electron that passes through their wires.

AIs and LLMs today are the worst they’ll ever be and yet add devastating capabilities to the arsenal of surveillance entities that seek to invest in controlling the range of your future movement.

If you want your future to be solely in your control, maximize your use of encryption and privacy oriented services. Privacy-oriented tools today are more compelling than ever, leading the charge in building excellent user experiences with a foundational focus on protecting your information.

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