Automatic Backups, Simple Task Editor, and a Solarized Theme.

November 20, 2017

A quick few announcements:

1. We added automatic local backups in Desktop v2.0.3.
Backups are an important part of our 100-year plan. They protect you and us from the unexpected and catastrophic. Now in the latest version of the Standard Notes desktop app, encrypted backups are automatically made every day when the app is in the background. You can access these backups via the "Backups" menu item.

2. We introduced a new theme: Solarized Dark.

A beautiful theme that feels right any time of the day. It's now my go-to theme when I need to focus and write calmly.

3. A new way to work: the Simple Task Editor.

A lot of us use Standard Notes to keep track of important tasks and daily to-do's. This is why we created an all new task editor from the ground up. It automatically converts your current task lists into individually manageable tasks. You can mark tasks as completed, change their order, and edit the text naturally in place. It's a great way to manage both short-term and long-term to-do's.

4. Create your own blogging publication directly from your notes.

We've put a lot of work into our note sharing platform called Listed. Listed allows you to publish and share notes directly from the Standard Notes web and desktop app. Best of all, it allows readers to subscribe to your new posts. Your subscribers are immediately notified by email any time you publish a new post. Unlike Medium, Listed allows you to own your content source, and have a more direct communication channel with your readers.

5. A reminder to upgrade your mobile apps.

We sent out an email last month about our new V2 applications for iOS and Android. These apps are distributed under new listings in both Google Play and the App Store, so you'll need to download these manually (and not auto-update). If you're still running versions 1.x on your mobile device, make sure you upgrade immediately to avoid issues.

Thanks for reading

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