Introducing our new Android, iOS, and Desktop apps.

October 13, 2017

A letter to our users:

Dear note lovers and encryption lovers,

We know you love notes. And the secure feeling a private online life gives you.

So, we made something for you. I think you're going to like it.

A powerful new notes app for iOS and Android (and Desktop).

It's more secure.

Device Storage Encryption now encrypts your data before saving it to your local disk. Lock your app with a passcode to require authentication on launch and, on desktop, to encrypt your local key storage. And now for Android as well as iOS, protect your app with a fingerprint lock.

It helps you be more productive.

Pin your notes to the top of your list, so that notes and tasks you edit often are always within reach. Archive notes to stash them away, or unarchive to bring them back. And, new on Android, sort your notes by when you added them, when you modified them, or by their title.

It's beautiful (we've been told).
Our beta testers have told us how much they love the new look and feel, and how pleasant it is to use on a daily basis. Best of all, the themes you know and love from desktop now work on mobile too (and they look stunning if we may say so ourselves).


The new apps for iOS and Android are released for free as separate apps from the original. (This update is backwards incompatible with the previous version, which is why it's being released separately.)

Get the new iOS app.

Get the new Android app.

Download the new V2 Desktop app from our downloads page, or auto-update it from your existing application.

We hope you enjoy the love and hard work we put into this release, and that it makes your notes life easier and gives you more space to do your best work.

Thanks for reading

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