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How do I create and import backups of my Standard Notes data?

Backups are an important part of the Standard Notes ecosystem, and allow you to keep your data safe and under your possession with full independence from our own circumstances.

Our applications allow you to easily export your data in both encrypted and decrypted formats.

How to create backups of your data:

  • In the desktop or web application, click Account. In the section Data Backups, choose your preferred format (encrypted or decrypted), then press Download Backup.
    • If you choose the Encrypted option, one file will be downloaded. This file may be imported back into Standard Notes at any time, and contains all your data, like notes, tags, extensions, and preferences.
    • If you choose the Decrypted option, two files will be downloaded. The first is a decrypted backup file that may be imported back into Standard Notes at any time. The other file is a zip file containing only your notes in individual plain text files.
  • The desktop application creates automatic backups every day while it's running. To access these backups, open the desktop application, then click Backups in the top-level menu. Choose Open Backups Location to access your backups.
  • Daily email backups. Email backups are available to Extended members. When enabled, you will receive an email every day containing the entirety of your encrypted data.
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive backups. Automatic cloud backups are available to Extended members. When enabled, encrypted backups files will be automatically stored in your cloud provider of choice every night.
  • Note history. Revision history for notes is available to Extended members. Note history tracks changes to your notes, and allows you to restore notes to previous versions.

Now that you safely have backups of your data made at regular intervals, you'll want to know how to recover data from backups if necessary.

How to recover data from your backups:

  • You can import your entire backup file without previewing its contents by clicking Account in the lower left corner of the desktop or web application, and then clicking Import From Backup in the Data Backups section.
  • You can also use the offline decryption tool.

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