How do I enable note version history?

History menu

The History menu stores different versions of your notes and allows you to discern the changes made in each version. Each version of the note is based on changes that are made at least 5 minutes apart, and the History menu only keeps versions made within the allowance by your subscription plan type. This menu is available to both free users and paid subscribers.

The History menu has two categories: Session, and Remote.

Session History keeps track of revisions made to the note using your current device, while Remote History keeps track of revisions made to the note across all devices that you've signed into.

How to restore a previous note version

  1. Click or tap on an entry to preview that version of the note
  2. Choose to either Restore it and overwrite the current note, or choose Restore as copy to create a new note based on that version of the current note

On the desktop app and web app, you'll also find the following actions when you click on the Options sub menu for Session History:

  1. Clear local note history: Delete all local session history records for the current note.
  2. Clear all local history: Delete all local session history records for all your notes
  3. Disable auto cleanup: The app automatically deletes records of smaller revisions to save space. Use this option to toggle the auto-cleanup behavior.
  4. Enable saving history to disk: Use this option to save session history records to your computer's disk. However, enabling this will decrease general app performance, so it is not recommended.

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