The 3.0 Update

December 28, 2018

Standard Notes 3.0 for desktop and web introduces a more refined experience, combined with quality-of-life improvements that are sure to delight. Here's what's new:

Introducing Privileges.

Privileges allow you to require your account password or local passcode to perform certain actions in the app. Actions include:

  • Download/Import Backups
  • View Protected Notes
  • Delete Notes
  • Manage Extensions
  • Manage Passcode
  • Manage Extensions

The key privilege is "View Protected Notes". If you protect a note and enable this privilege, credentials will be required to access/view the note.


3.0 also introduces autolock, which allows you to specify when the app should automatically lock itself if you have a passcode lock. The autolock timer begins when the window loses focus.

Improved Themeing

Themes will now look much more consistent, especially across extensions. All Extended themes have also been revamped to look much cleaner and thicker.

Themes are now easier to toggle between using dock shortcuts, which will automatically appear in the bottom right corner when you install or update your themes to the latest version.

(If you experience any issues with theme display, try uninstalling the theme and reinstalling, to ensure that cache is not coming into play.)

Other changes

  • Reverse sort option to sort by date added, modified, and title in reverse.
  • Editor stack extensions (like the Action Bar and FileSafe) can now be quickly toggled using the dock below the editor. Stack extensions are now disabled by default for every note, and can be permanently enabled by toggling the extension for that note.
  • Consistent Windows scrollbars across all extensions and themes.
  • Lock screen will now use last active theme.
  • Expired Extended will now result in extensions being put in read-only mode, rather than seeing a blocking "Expired Extended" screen.
  • Session history and Note history will now display with the note's respective editor, if applicable.
  • Panel resizers will now blend in with the editor UI more when they are collapsed. On Mac, the notes panel and editor panel will also automatically adjust to avoid the window management buttons in the top left.
  • Loading editors and extensions using dark themes should now see the white flicker disappear for the most part. You may still see it occasionally, just due to the differences in loading speed from time to time.
  • Extensions that have difficulty loading will now automatically try reloading.

Note to Extended users

Almost every extension was updated as a result of this update (editors, themes, and other extensions like Folders and Quick Tags). With the web app, the latest version of extensions will automatically be used (you may have to explicitly clear your cache). With the desktop app, the extensions should autoupdate. However, if you notice any inconsistency between themes and editors, you may be seeing a cached version. Please be sure to open the Extensions manager and make sure all updates have been applied, then refresh the app.

Thanks for reading

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