Our new mobile experience is launching soon

September 22, 2022

We're pleased to announce we're in the final stages of our new mobile experience, which centers around offering the web and desktop application you've come to love optimized for smaller screens.

We've been using the new mobile experience on our internal devices, and can full-heartedly say it's a dramatic improvement over the previous version, and is a joy to use. Its feature parity with web is also 100%, compared to around 60% with the previous mobile experience.

The unification of our web, desktop, and mobile codebase into one fulfills our long-time goal of building new features by writing them once. There's many features we'd like to build, like starring, linking, notebooks, and tagging files, but having to build it once for web then duplicating that effort for mobile is prohibitively inefficient, especially for a smaller team like ours.

The new mobile experience will come as a normal update to your existing mobile app installation, and should otherwise be seamless. We're still putting on the finishing touches, which we hope will take weeks, but can take longer. You can begin participating in the early preview now by going into your mobile app Settings > New Mobile Experience > Opt In. If you change your mind, you can undo this by going into Preferences > General > Defaults > Switch to Classic Mobile Experience.

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