New Wave: Second Brain Note-Taking

December 19, 2022

As a company that provides a simple and secure note-taking app, Standard Notes has often been lumped in with the various "second brain" or productivity tools that have become popular in recent years. While these tools can certainly be useful for some people, we have always taken a different approach.

As we tweeted recently, we believe that our job is to get out of your way so you can do your job. We don't provide any flashy or self-aggrandizing features like a "graph view" or promises of "discovering gold" by obsessively connecting your data. We simply offer a reliable platform for you to securely take notes, organize your thoughts, and get things done.

We agree with the sentiment expressed in a recent Hacker News thread that some people may spend more time organizing their "second brain" systems than actually using them. These tools can often become a form of procrastination, a way to distract ourselves and give us a false sense of accomplishment.

Our philosophy is simple: the first step to getting things done is to simply start doing them. We don't claim to have any magic solution or secret cure for productivity. We just offer a simple and secure platform for you to do your best work.

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