Introducing Components for Standard Notes

June 27, 2017

We're excited to announce the launch of four new powerful extensions that take your simple Standard Notes experience to a new level.

We decided early on that simplicity is the only way to achieve quality, stability, and longevity in software. Too often we see apps we depend on implode from their own complexity or become completely unusable from endless bloat. We knew that if we wanted to avoid this death trap, we had to design our system differently.

Extensions have been the perfect solution for us. We get to keep our core suite of applications as simple, fast, and reliable as possible. For the million and one other features users will want and invariably need, we created Standard Notes to be extensible.

Up until now, extensions have been limited to only certain parts of the app, like menu actions and custom editors. Today we're announcing a new class of extensions called components.

Components allow you to completely swap out sections of the app with custom modules. With components, you can build a custom tagging system, custom note list views, utility bars that allow pushing a note to WordPress and GitHub, and more.

Today we're announcing four new components:

  1. Folders

  2. Autocomplete Tags

  3. Action bar

  4. Github push

These extensions are now available in your Extended dashboard. If you're new to Standard Notes, get started by downloading the app here, then visit the Extensions directory to learn more.

Components use a special offline messaging system to deliver an extensible application even in the web browser. In fact, we make sure that our web application is always as powerful as our desktop applications. This is essential to our goal of longevity, because while desktop platforms may come and go, or be updated to oblivion, we're counting on the web to always be present no matter which platform you use. Powerful web access means as long as web browsers exist, Standard Notes exists.

Developers should check out our getting started guide to learn more about developing a component for Standard Notes.

We're beyond excited to get this in your hands and begin exploring the possibility of what a fully extensible notes app looks like.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for reading

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