Encryption Makes a Better World

March 12, 2017

Changing the nature of governance through encryption.

The newest revelations about the extent of CIA hacking tell us one thing: encryption works. The spy agency has had to resort to coming up with creative and complex mechanisms to get around the encryption systems of mainstream applications, including attempting to gain control of the operating system itself. At this point, it’s the likes of Apple engineers operating on their home turf vs. CIA engineers chasing exploits — an easy bet.

Through our efforts, our petitioning, our need for privacy, and our use of applications that offer encryption, we are changing the nature of government power and ensuring its balance. We are ensuring that those with power will not be able to grab what they want when they want. In what may have once seemed a doomed battle with our side standing to be easily defeated, we have arisen as a worthy contender.

And so the story begins.

To encrypt is to care. It is to fight. For our future, and the future for the people of the next thousand years.

To encrypt is to put government in its place. No story is more prominent in the history of humankind than the story of governance and its evolution. To encrypt is to progress this story into a new era for a new freedom for a new type of human. Our digital lives are our new lives — shall we revisit all of history’s bloody missteps while we form this new digital country? To encrypt is to help found a new democracy.

You decide our future. For a better world, safeguard your digital body like you do your physical one. Use software that encrypts.

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