Editors on Mobile and Desktop Highlighting

May 12, 2018

Some said this day would never come. Others have doubted its overall feasibility. But it's here. And it's great. Editors are now available on mobile. No more unrendered Markdown, HTML, or tasks.

Your favorite Extended editors are automatically available in the latest version of the iOS and Android app, including the Plus Editor, the Advanced Markdown Editor, and the user-favorite Simple Task Editor.

Here's what's new since last time:

1. Editors on mobile.

You can now access your favorite editors from your Extended account. Click on the tags icon (on Android) or the Manage button (on iOS) in the compose window to choose an editor for a note.

Note: editors must be already installed from the desktop/web app for them to appear on mobile. If they don't appear, please sign out then back in. Editors were previously ignored in sync, so a fresh sync may be required.

2. Desktop search highlighting!

Search results are now highlighted across the entire interface when you perform a search. Now find exactly what you're looking for.

3. A fancy new Markdown editor.

The Markdown Math Editor is a beautiful split-pane Markdown editor with synced-scroll and LaTeX support (for math heads).

4. No Distraction — a new theme

It's the simple things. No Distraction quickly hides all interface elements so you can focus on your writing. It creates a distraction-free writing environment for high levels of clarity and focus.

5. The Student Discount

Notes are an essential part of the student experience, and we're happy to now offer a 30% discount on the annual plan to students looking to maximize their focus with a simple and accessible note-taking solution. Students interested can email [email protected] from their student email to receive a preapproved link for a discounted checkout.

Last but not least:

We get asked frequently about lifetime subscriptions. We'd like to model our business on forecastable methods, and prefer not to offer something we can't fully comprehend the magnitude of.

Rather than turn away users who are just as passionate about improving their notes life as we are, we'd like to offer a solution that reduces the risk for us, but also accommodates the long-term user.

The 5-Year Plan is our take on a sustainable long-term plan for our Extended services, which offers a one-time payment at long apart intervals, such that you can enjoy our service for many years to come without thinking in terms of annual renewal.

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