Deprecation Notice: FileSafe

February 9, 2022

Starting February 9, 2022, FileSafe will be deprecated and no longer offered to new users. For existing users who have the FileSafe extension installed, FileSafe will remain accessible indefinitely.

FileSafe was launched in 2018 as our concept file storage solution, and uses a bring-your-own-cloud model to store your files. This means that files are encrypted by us but stored in your Dropbox or Google Drive. This architecture allowed us to focus on building a frontend solution without requiring the heavy infrastructure required to build a scalable backend file-hosting architecture, which we weren't yet ready to undertake in 2018.

Much has changed since then, and we're glad to announce we're now in a position to invest in our own secure files solution, which is well underway and in development.

While keeping FileSafe around seems like a viable option, FileSafe's reliance on third parties like Dropbox for core functionality results in a precarious and fragile arrangement resulting in sudden API shifts that break our integrations and require recalibration at unannounced intervals.

While still early, we're excited to continue development on our in-house encrypted file storage solution, and will share updates on our progress along the way.

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