Capture your infinite mind

Standard Notes is an easy-to-use encrypted note-taking app for digitalists and professionals. Capture your notes, documents, and life’s work all in one place.

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An all-in-one personal knowledge base

Write simple notes, or complex ones. From tasks and todos, to spreadsheets, markdown, and rich text, you can store all types of information quickly and securely in Standard Notes.

Write like no one’s watching

Standard Notes uses end-to-end encryption to protect your notes and keep them synced across all your devices. This means no one but you can read your notes—not even us.

Keep your data protected

Standard Notes integrates a systematic ethos of data protection and preservation. You maintain an offline-browsable, local copy of your data on your devices at all times. Our subscription plans offer several backup options, including an encrypted email backup sent nightly, and change history for every note.
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Download Standard Notes

Unlimited notes, unlimited devices, all for free.

Who is Standard Notes?

We’re an independent company founded on an ethos of software sustainability and ethical data practices. Our code is completely open-source and independently audited.
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We thank our users for giving us the opportunity to build a healthy and sustainable software operation. Our goal is to be here for as long as you are.