How do I clip web pages and articles?

The Standard Notes Web Clipper is a browser extension that allows you to clip web pages and articles to your Standard Notes account.

How do I install the Web Clipper?

The Web Clipper is available for Chrome and Firefox. You can install it from:

How do I use the Web Clipper?

Once you have installed the Web Clipper, you can open it by clicking on the Standard Notes Web Clipper icon in your browser's toolbar, then click on Sign in to sign into your Standard Notes account, or choose Create free account if you don't have an account yet.

Once you've signed into your account, you will see different options for clipping the page you are currently viewing.

  • Clip full page will clip the entire page, including all images and text.
  • Clip article will clip the main article on the page, excluding any sidebars or other content.
  • Clip current selection will clip the text you have selected.
  • Select element to clip will allow you to select a specific element on the page to clip.

The clipped content will be placed in a new Super note on your account, and the website's title will be used as the default note title. The new note will be displayed in a popup from the extension, where you can further edit your note's title and content, or create links to other tags, notes and files. When you're finished, you can click on the Back button, or click anywhere outside of the pop up to dismiss it, and you'll find the new note saved in your account.

In case you aren't satisfied with the clip and you'd like to start over, you may click on the Discard button to delete it, and you'll be taken back to the main menu with the four clipping options.

Other ways to get help

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