Updating your self-hosted infrastructure


These instructions make the following assumptions:

  • You have an existing self-hosted infrastructure running with our docker setup


Updating of the infrastructure essentially consists of:

  • Stopping all services
  • Pulling changes from Git
  • Checking for env file changes: new environment variables might have been added that you will need to configure
  • Downloading latest Docker image versions of Standard Notes services
  • Starting the services up again

To save you all the trouble we've packed it all nicely in one command that you run by typing:

$ ./server.sh update


If you encounter any problems while updating, you can nuke your setup and start over. But you must backup your data inside the data/* folder. Then, to wipe your existing setup, run:

$ ./server.sh cleanup

WARNING this will permanently delete all your data, so be sure to back up your database before running this command.

Other ways to get help

Browse or post to the forum
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Join the Standard Notes Discord group
Recommended for small talk.
Send an email to help@standardnotes.com
Recommended for account related issues.