Subscriptions on your self-hosted server


To access server-side premium features, you'll need to create a subscription for your account (replace EMAIL@ADDR in the commands below with your user email). In order to do so, you'll need to run the following commands in your working directory:

    docker compose exec db sh -c "MYSQL_PWD=\$MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD mysql \$MYSQL_DATABASE -e \
      'INSERT INTO user_roles (role_uuid , user_uuid) VALUES ((SELECT uuid FROM roles WHERE name=\"PRO_USER\" ORDER BY version DESC limit 1) ,(SELECT uuid FROM users WHERE email=\"EMAIL@ADDR\")) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE role_uuid = VALUES(role_uuid);' \

    docker compose exec db sh -c "MYSQL_PWD=\$MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD mysql \$MYSQL_DATABASE -e \
      'INSERT INTO user_subscriptions SET uuid=UUID(), plan_name=\"PRO_PLAN\", ends_at=8640000000000000, created_at=0, updated_at=0, user_uuid=(SELECT uuid FROM users WHERE email=\"EMAIL@ADDR\"), subscription_id=1, subscription_type=\"regular\";' \

Note that subscriptions created on your self-hosted server in this manner unlock server side premium features, but not client-side premium features (such as Super notes and Nested tags). To gain the full benefits of the Standard Notes ecosystem, you'll need to purchase an offline plan.

Offline plans offer you the full range of benefits of the Standard Notes ecosystem at a fraction of the cost of our hosted plans.

Please consider donating if you do not plan on purchasing a subscription.

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