Self-hosting configuration options


After changing any of the environment variables mentioned below you will have to restart the infrastructure in order for the changes to take effect. You can do so with the following command:

docker compose down && docker compose up -d

All configuration options mentioned below are controlled by environment variables located in the .env file.

Available overrides

If you wish to check all the available environemnt variables that you can override, you can find them in our Docker entrypoint file



  • DB_HOST: database host.
  • DB_PORT: database port.
  • DB_USERNAME: database username.
  • DB_PASSWORD: database password.
  • DB_DATABASE: database name.
  • DB_DEBUG_LEVEL: the level of logs which are outputted in the database context. Related to TypeORM.


  • REDIS_POR: Redis port.
  • REDIS_HOST: Redis host.

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