What is Premium Support?

Premium Support services cover special requests that typically require an engineer's time on our team. Premium Support is included in any of our paid plans, but is not available in our free plans.

Examples of premium support requests include:

  • Requesting a server backup of your account data from a previous day. Our servers maintain 14-day database backups of all accounts. Requesting a snapshot of your account from a previous day is a premium support request.

  • Recovering a Listed blog's author secret if lost or wanting to transfer to another account.

If your custom request is not listed here, and it requires specialized attention from one of our engineers, we may notify you in our correspondence that your request falls into the premium support category.

If you'd prefer to remain on a free account, you may purchase a one-time premium support request. Payments can be made via PayPal or cryptocurrency.

  • Encrypted backup snapshot - $49 USD
  • Listed author recovery (e.g. author code) - $9 USD

Other ways to get help

Browse or post to the forum
Recommended for non-account related issues.
Join the Standard Notes Discord group
Recommended for small talk.
Send an email to [email protected]
Recommended for account related issues.