What is private username mode?

Private usernames allow you to create pseudonymous accounts not tied to an email address. Usernames are private and cannot be seen by Standard Notes. This is because when you enter your username in the app, it is transformed into a unique one-way hash, and this hash is what is transmitted to the server.

How to register or sign in to an account using a private username

During sign in or registration, click Advanced Options, then check Private username mode.

As you type your username, you will begin to see the email field transform into a unique, non-personally identifiable hash. This unique hash is then used as the account "email" during normal operation of the account.

What are the downsides of using a private username?

Because private usernames are not tied to an email, there are a few differences from regular accounts:

  1. You cannot email us to get support on a private username account. We have no way of knowing whether or not this private username account belongs to you.

  2. You cannot ever delete a private username account if you forget its password. You cannot email us asking to delete a private username account after you forget its password, because we have no way of knowing it belongs to you. Deleting a private username account can only be done from within the application in the Account preferences.

Migrating from legacy private workspaces?

If you previously used a beta version of this feature (known as Private workspaces), you won't be able to compute your identifier using newer versions of the app. To compute your identifier using a userphrase and workspace name, please visit this page.

Other ways to get help

Browse or post to the forum
Recommended for non-account related issues.
Join the Standard Notes Discord group
Recommended for small talk.
Send an email to [email protected]
Recommended for account related issues.