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How do I add images to my notes?

Images and attachments are handled exclusively by our flagship Bold Editor, which integrates our file management solution called FileSafe.

Using the Bold Editor, you can embed images, audio, or video files directly inside your note. All files will be encrypted, and stored in the cloud provider of your choosing (Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV, or AWS S3).

To embed a file inside your note:

  1. Create a new note (or open an existing one), then choose to use the Bold Editor for that note from the Editors dropdown.

  2. Inside the Bold Editor, open the FileSafe dialog by selecting the toolbar icon that looks like a file cabinet (three horizontal lines vertically stacked).

  3. Configure FileSafe by adding an integration (such as Dropbox or Google Drive), then creating a new key.

  4. You're now ready to attach encrypted images to your note. To do so, simply drag and drop a file onto the editor, or onto the FileSafe dialog, and it will be encrypted, then uploaded to your cloud, and finally presented in your note.

The Bold Editor also works on iOS and Android.

FileSafe is also available as a standalone extension, which can be used on web and desktop without the Bold Editor. This allows you to attach files to notes using other editors besides the Bold Editor. Note however that only the Bold Editor allows direct embedding inside the note. If you use, say, the Plain Editor, then you may attach files using the FileSafe standalone extension, but you may not embed these files directly inside the note.

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