How do I specify a custom date for a post, or set the canonical URL?

You can change the date that appears on your post, or set a canonical URL if you're importing a post from another location (such as Medium).

Use the following metadata structure at the beginning of your note:

created_at: 2017-11-20 17:08:05
Your story...

A list of available metadata fields:

Field Name Description
canonical The canonical URL for this post, used by search engines.
custom_path Override the default path of the post. Useful if migrating from another blog. (Example: my-blog-post)
desc Custom meta description for this post, used by search engines.
hidden Whether the post should be hidden from your author profile (but still accessible via URL).
image_url The image used by social media sites in their link preview cards.
metatype One of [css, html, json]. Used to create custom themes.
page true/false. Used to create dedicated links in your author header.
page_link If page is true, and this value is set, the page will be opened as an external URL.
page_sort A number. The lower the number, the earlier the page link will appear in your author header.

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