How do I email my subscribers about new articles and updates?

Each Listed blog comes with an email subscription box, so that readers can subscribe to your blog and stay up to date with new posts you may publish. You can send a notification email to your subscribers from any of the Standard Notes applications:

On the Desktop or Web Application

  1. Click on the Options icon on the top right corner of your published note, then click on the Listed actions submenu.
  2. Click on Email Subscribers in that submenu.

On the Mobile Application

  1. Open your published note, then tap on the hamburger menu icon on the top right corner of the note.
  2. Under the Listed section, tap on your blog name. (If the section has your blogs hidden, tap on the Listed section to reveal your blog list)
  3. Tap on Email Subscribers in the pop up menu that appears.

Managing Newsletter and Subscription Settings

Standard Notes enables your email newsletter sign up by default. However, you can also manage the following features from the Settings page:

  1. Set an email that subscribers can reply to your newsletters at. This email is also used to notify you when you have a new subscriber. To disable this feature, just leave the text box empty.

  2. Disable the subscription and newsletter features completely by checking Disable email subscription and newsletter functionality. This will remove the email subscription form from your blog, and also remove the "Email Subscribers" action.

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