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How can I optimize the performance of Standard Notes?

In general, performance is already optimized. However, in certain environments, there are a few actions you can take to improve performance:

Spellcheck On desktop, if you notice that the plain editor is responding slowly to keyboard input, the culprit is likely spellcheck, which is known to be resource intensive in its current form. We recommend disabling spellcheck via the Options menu inside the note panel to improve editor performance.
Note size

While Standard Notes doesn't have any hard limits on data size, you may run into performance issues if your notes are too large. Keep in mind that every change you make to a note runs through encryption algorithms on your device, so if a note is really large, this may slow you down. We recommend no larger than 1MB of text per note, which for text-based content, is a lot of text.

You can view the size of your notes by downloading a Decrypted backup of your data via the Account menu, then opening the resulting zip file. Open the Notes folder, and sort by file size to see your largest notes. Any notes over or around 1 MB should be split up into separate notes, if you are seeing issues.

Scrolling too deep In the desktop or web application, your notes are loaded as you scroll. If you scroll too deeply into your list of notes however, too many notes will have been loaded into the UI, potentially causing performance degradation. For example, if you have 2,000 notes, and you scroll in your list of notes endlessly to the end, your UI performance may degrade. In this case, we recommend refreshing the application via Cmd/Ctrl + R. We also recommend using the search function instead to filter through your notes.
Mobile Storage Encryption The mobile app encrypts your notes before saving to your device's local storage. It automatically decrypts your notes every time you open and unlock it. If you want to improve the app's start-up speed, you can store your notes in a decrypted format. To do this, visit Settings > Security > Disable Storage Encryption and click Disable. You can turn Storage Encryption back on by visiting the same place in the Settings.

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