What services does Standard Notes use for daily operation?

For our cloud servers and databases, we use Amazon Web Services.

For credit card payment processing, we use Stripe. For PayPal payments, we use Braintree/PayPal.

For transactional emails and campaigns, we use Amazon Simple Email Service. We do not use Mailchimp or a similar service.

We do not use analytics across our web, desktop, and mobile applications. For our website, we use a self-hosted, privacy-respecting analytics software called Plausible.

For our source code repositories, we use GitHub. We also use GitHub as our CDN for desktop application downloads.

For Windows application code signing, we use a Digicert Extended Validation Certificate. For macOS code signing, we use a verified Apple Developer account. Code signing ensures that the application you download and run has not been modified or tampered with, and does not deviate from the code we produce and ship on our end.

For email inquiries to [email protected], we use Proton for Business.

This summarizes the list of external services we use in our daily operation.

When it comes to protecting your sensitive, actual data, we're proud to rely on no other entity than the laws of mathematics and cryptography. Your notes are always encrypted with a secure key that no one has besides you, and this key never leaves your computer or touches a cloud. Simply put: you are the only person that can read your private notes.

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